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Aoife Personal Trainer Galway

Helping you become the healthiest, strongest, most confident version of yourself.

Women's Coaching Specialist Aoife

Women-Specific Health, Fitness & Body Image Coaching

I help women become healthier and stronger both physically and mentally through evidence based solutions, proven skills and simple daily practises. Whatever your goal I provide the expert coaching, support and accountability to guide you through sustainable ways to eat and exercise for long lasting results.

Do you want to be the healthiest, fittest, most confident version of yourself?


If you are tired of eating and exercising CONTROLLING YOUR THOUGHTS

instead of reaching a BALANCE of healthy eating and ENJOYABLE fitness that fits into your life - then I’m here to help

Your Body is Your Home

You may have experienced demands and changes with your body during or after pregnancy. With all the energy you use caring for others you may be feeling disconnected, powerless and exhausted.
Rejuvenate your body with the
Care & Nourishment 
it needs.
Pre and Post natal Certificate Aoife

Get In Touch

Whether you would like to ask any more questions, apply to start training or just say hi leave me a note here or connect on my social media platforms. 

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Email: / Tel: +353868436878

Galway, Ireland

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