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About Aoife Morrow

Throwing Out Old Ideas

I am committed to making a real difference to the Health & Fitness of women. I believe everyone deserves a trainer willing to listen to their individual needs and ready to provide you with evidence based solutions, proven skills and simple daily practises to help you reach your goals.
Throughout my own fitness journey I searched hard for fitness professionals who properly understand how to train Women and recognise more than the anatomical difference.
With 85% of Women opting out of important life events because they don’t believe they look good enough (Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report, 2016), I am passionate about providing a high quality service that helps women with body image, unrealistic expectations and throwing out old ideas of what women’s bodies ‘should be’.

My Goals

I aim to help you discover that exercising for health, fitness and mood reasons has endless benefits.
 Exercise can boost your self-esteem, increase bone density, reduce visceral fat, improve mobility and leads to long term results. Likewise with nutrition I want to help you get enthusiastic about creating your own delicious meals following the foundations of good nutrition. Together we will fine tune your nutrition so you feel great, feel motivated and get the results you want while still having time to live your life outside of meal planning, food choice anxiety and food prep.
Together we can find the fun in fitness and discover how empowering your workouts can be.

Qualified & Passionate

Personal Trainer (EQF 4) 
Pre & Post Natal Coach (CPPC)
Women's Coaching Specialist (GGS L1)
Gender, Globalisation & Human Rights (MA)
Constantly Continuing Education with Professional Development Courses 
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