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Safe & Strong

As a certified pre & postnatal coach, I specialise in creating safe and effective exercise programs for Mothers and Mothers-To-Be. Whether you’re in your first trimester or you gave birth three months, one or two years ago I will design safe workouts that take into consideration the changes your body is experiencing. I know how busy a mothers’ schedule can be so we can train either in-person in our private studio in Galway or you can sign up online and work to your own schedule. Included in my studies are pre- and postnatal psychology, coaching, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, exercise, the birth process, postpartum rehab, and programming.

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During Pregnancy

Starting or continuing an exercise plan during pregnancy has a lot of benefits, but it can be overwhelming and worrying trying to understand how to adapt your workouts with a growing baby and a changing body. Through each trimester I focus on ensuring proper technique for safe and effective exercise.

As we work together, we will also pay careful attention to your pelvic floor muscles, transverse abdominis, and gluteal muscles. Emphasising and learning how to properly use these muscles can help prepare your body for giving birth and facilitate the recovery process after.

I understand that this can be an unpredictable time and training is always flexible to accommodate for fatigue, nausea and aches hoping you leave your sessions feeling rejuvenated and positive.

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Strong Healthy Pregnancy Recovery

Post Natal Coaching

It’s paramount to me to facilitate a safe return to exercise and a gradual re-introduction of the workouts you did before becoming pregnant. Working together we will safely rebuild core strength, improve stabilization, and gradually increase intensity. We will approach your training with a focus on keeping you healthy, making you stronger and working on body image concerns. I believe success is achieved by working closely with your medical care team to ensure your training is properly adapted for any common complications like pelvic floor dysfunction and diastastis recti. Above all, I will listen to you, your goals, and the feedback your body is giving you.

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