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Gym Training: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Workouts

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Comfortable Training Gear

There are few things more irritating than leggings that slip down during jumping jacks or a top that rolls over your head while doing mountain climbers. Being comfortable and free to move is very important for workout enjoyment but also your safety. You especially do not want to have to compromise on technique or exercise selection because your top gapes when bending over, your leggings are see through when squatting or you don’t have enough stretch to get proper range of movement.

I’ve been in the position a lot where I’ve worn something that is uncomfortable or didn’t fit well and my enjoyment of, and motivation to work out was affected because I didn’t feel good about myself. Feeling confident by wearing comfortable, well fitted and fashionable training gear means I’ll attempt longer workouts or more variety of exercises. Doing this will not only help me progress with my strength and health goals but also means I leave the gym feeling better than when I came in.

These days I am mostly wearing FitPink everything. Initially I was drawn to the pockets in the leggings, which is extremely useful but the entire collection is very flattering and has lots of lovely bright colours which I love. The leggings are high waisted and fitted but do not dig in to the abdomen and allow you to breath properly without feeling like you sucking everything in. Fitpink have been so kind to gift me their new Elevate Leggings with Pockets in Bright Blue and the Light Zipped Coverup in Blue. Both are really lovely. If you have any questions about these please feel free to ask.

A Workout Log & A Plan

I never go to the gym without my plan. Having a workout plan gives me focus and relieves some stress and effort of around going to the gym. When I am training I really want to enjoy what I am doing and not be thinking about or deciding what I am going to do next. Not knowing what exercise is next or how much I plan to do steals some of my motivation and I am more like to give up earlier or take an easier option.

Keeping a workout log helps me achieve the same stress relief. Having a record of the previous week and what weight I lifted means there is no time or energy wasted trying to remember what I had done previously. It is also so motivating to try beat my PB’s but also see how far I have progressed.

There are so many ways you can plan and keep track of your workouts. For example ORAWFITNESS uses an dedicated App where clients can log their weights from each workout assigned to them. If making your own plan you could use Google Sheets where you can make changes week to week and update as you go. For my own training sessions I use pen and a specific training log book. There are lots out there and of course a regular notebook is also a great option. This is the logbook I have used over the past three years and each book last me around 6 months.

Music & Headphones

My workout is ‘me time’ and listening to music helps me get into the flow and switch off from all the distractions around the gym. I want to be in a zone that it would be very difficult to distract me from. This means I can have purposeful time working on myself and thinking about my own goals. Having a great playlist can even help you push through those last few reps. I have a subscription to Spotify so the choice available to me is endless and I have made Playlists for every kind of workout. I don’t have one favourite genre and on any given day I could listen to Trance, Motivation Mixes, Techno, Dance Hits, Rap or Rock.

My Current Top 3 Playlists

I would love to hear what your essentials are for surviving and making the most of your workout. There are so many ways to make our workouts more enjoyable and help us stay consistent.

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